CAMWS President

The President shall serve for a term of one year and shall not be eligible to succeed him or herself immediately.
The president serves, ex officio, as the chair of the following committees: Executive Committee (Charter:, Program Committee (Charter:, and the Publications Sub-Committee of the Executive Committee (

The President is also an ex-officio member of all standing CAMWS committees except the Merit Committee.

It is the duty of the President to appoint the Chair and the other members of each standing committee.

Overview of Schedule (April to April):

1)     Duties as President-Elect at the Annual Meeting

2)     Committee and VP appointments (April to June)

3)     Organize Presidential panel (July)

4)     Review of Panels, Workshops and Undergraduate Papers (August)

5)     Site Visit (September)

6)     Review of Individual Abstracts (October)

7)     Building the Program (November-December)

8)     Appoint Presiders (December-January)

9)     Select Presidential Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Paper

10)  Program Committee Report (April)

11)  Duties at the Annual Meeting (April)

12)  Sample Banquet Schedule

1. Duties as President-Elect at CAMWS Meeting

See also the duties of President-Elect (


  • Attend Executive Committee meeting (afternoon)
  • Attend evening plenary session and reception (if there is one)


  • Attend committees lunch and planning session with local committee for next year’s conference


  • Attend Consulares lunch (either Friday or Saturday)
  • Deliver response to local administrator’s speech at the banquet


  • Attend the business meeting (morning)

2. Committee and VP Appointments

Just after the annual meeting, the President-Elect makes CAMWS state VP appointments and fills any committee vacancies for the coming year.

3. Creating the Program
For the duties of the President as chair of the Program Committee, see

4.  Site Visit

In September or early October, the President and the Secretary-Treasurer meet with the local committee to review the hotel, conference rooms, and campus set-up, and anticipate any possible problems.

At that time, the President selects the menus for the following, keeping in mind overall cost:

  • Executive Committee meeting (late afternoon Wednesday)
  • Committee lunch (Thursday noon)
  • VP dinner (Thursday evening)
  • Banquet (Friday night)

5. Duties of the President as Chair of the Sub-Committee on Publications.

For the duties of the President as chair of this subcommittee, see

6. Duties of the President at the Annual Meeting


Time (all times approx)




Executive Committee Meeting

Preside over meeting


Evening Plenary Panel and reception (if so scheduled)

Preside over panel and host reception afterwards


Consulares reception

Stop by after EC meeting, greet new members





12:00-1:00 pm

Committees Lunch

Circulate & meet people (with Pres-elect)

6:00-7:45 pm

Vice-Presidents dinner

Short thank-you speech


Presidential Plenary (if there is one)


Late evening

Reception (if scheduled)

Host and/or circulate





12:00-1:15 pm

Consulares Lunch (may also be held Saturday)

Short thank you speech, introduce Pres-elect

Afternoon campus sessions

Presidential Panel (may also be scheduled at a different time in the program)

Attend and/or preside if so designed


Cash bar




Deliver presidential address


President’s Reception


11:00 pm

After party in the presidential suite






8 am - 9:15 am

Business Meeting

Preside, then pass over gavel, pose for photos

7 pm

Possible fundraising event


12.  Sample Banquet Schedule

Banquet Timing = 2 hours

  •        45 minutes meal (start program before dessert is served?)
  •        Some time shortly after 7 pm, MC introduces himself and describes pearls.
  •        5 minutes: MC introduces guests at the head table
  •        3 minutes: MC introduces institutional greeter
  •        5 minutes: Greeter offers greetings from the University
  •        3 minutes: Pres-Elect thanks Greeter, the University, and hotel staff
  •        10 minutes: MC introduces the Special Service Awards
  •        20 minutes: Ovationes
  •        2 minutes: MC introduces President
  •        3 minutes: President does Grad Paper Awards
  •        15-20 minutes: Presidential Address