CAMWS President-Elect

A candidate for CAMWS President-Elect is chosen by the Nominating Committee every winter, approved by the Executive Committee and voted into office at the annual Business Meeting. The candidate should plan to attend this Business Meeting. The candidate for President-Elect is invited to attend the Consulares lunch (on either Friday or Saturday during the annual meeting).

The duties of CAMWS President-Elect are not numerous or onerous. What is essential is that the President-Elect shadow the activities of the President, keep in contact with the President as needed, and participate actively in the business of the CAMWS Executive Committee (Charter: of which the President-Elect is an ex-officio member. Most of the business of the Executive Committee is conducted on line, and all members are expected to participate fully in electronic conversations about issues and to cast votes promptly. The Executive Committee also traditionally meets on the Wednesday preceding the annual meeting. The President-Elect is also traditionally a voting member of the  Program Committee (Charter:

It is important for the President-Elect to keep note throughout the year of those who have volunteered for service on CAMWS committees, in order to draw on this when making committee appointments as President. Completed volunteer forms ( are sent automatically to the President-Elect throughout the year and the Secretary-Treasurer provides a list of additional members who volunteer when registering for the annual meeting. The President-Elect keeps track of issues that will continue/arise during the year of presidency. Drawing upon the wisdom of Past-Presidents in preparation for the role of President is indispensable.

Adjudication of Presidential Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Paper

In late February or early March, the President-Elect helps, together with the President and Past-President, to adjudicate the award for the outstanding graduate student paper ( The President receives the submissions and chairs the committee.


Duties as President-Elect at CAMWS Meeting


  • Attend Executive Committee meeting (afternoon).
  • Attend evening plenary session and reception (if there is one; this can also be a plenary Thursday evening).


  • Attend committees lunch and planning session with local committee for next year’s conference. Generally, the annual meeting as President-Elect is an excellent opportunity to make contacts, gather information from current committee chairs
  • Compile a list of possible people for committee service (It to make firm commitments to individuals for appointment to a committee at the meeting itself; consulting first with the Secretary-Treasurer, committee chairs and other appropriate individuals before finalizing appointments helps to ensure that the most suitable candidates are appointed).


  • Attend Consulares lunch (either Friday or Saturday).
  • Deliver response to local administrator’s speech at the banquet.


  • Attend the business meeting (morning), where the gavel is symbolically passed from the out-going president to the incoming one (hopefully with minimal injury). The president-elect does not take on the full responsibilities of the presidency, however, until July 1st, the beginning of the fiscal year. 

In the weeks following the meeting the President-Elect makes new state, provincial and regional vice-president and committee appointments. He or she also writes individuals leaving office to thank them for their service to CAMWS.