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The 115th annual meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South will take place April 3-6, 2019 in Lincoln, Nebraska at The Cornhusker at the invitation of the University of Nebraska. The Local Committee has prepared this Slideshow inviting you to Lincoln as well as this Visitor's Guide and wants you to remember that "Lincoln is better than you're thinkin'!" Information about meeting registration will be posted later this year. Book your hotel room at group rate for CAMWS 2019 Lincoln here. (The contracted room rate at the Cornhusker for CAMWS will be $129.00 per night plus taxes.) 

Proposals for panels, workshops, individual papers and round-table discussions on any aspect of Graeco-Roman antiquity are now being accepted. Especially welcome are submissions likely to be of broad interest, including those on pedagogy. Teachers and students at any level (K-12, college, or university) may submit proposals, but papers written by undergraduates will be evaluated separately and assigned to sessions designated for them.

Here are the panels and workshops accepted for CAMWS 2019.
Submissions for individual paper proposals are now closed.
Round table discussion proposals must be received by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, November 5, 2018.

All panel and individual abstract submissions will be judged anonymously by the Program Committee, chaired by CAMWS President Andrew Faulkner of the  University of Waterloo in Ontario.

An individual may deliver no more than one paper or  workshop  at the meeting and may submit no more than one abstract. A person is free to organize a panel, or a workshop, or a round-table discussion in addition to presenting a paper (whether in his/her own panel or in another session). No one whose paper has already been accepted for a panel or a workshop may submit an individual abstract.  An organizer may submit no more than one proposal for a panel or a workshop. A panel must have a minimum of three, and no more than six, papers. Workshops must have at least one presenter and one presider and include significant activities for audience participation.

Papers delivered at CAMWS should present new ideas to the audience, not repeating work already presented in a similar venue.  Members are welcome to present work delivered at the author's home institution, at a specialized conference, or at a meeting outside North America, especially if it is work-in-progress that would benefit from wider discussion. However, if an abstract has been accepted for a meeting of a regional or national classical organization in the United States or Canada, it must not be submitted for the CAMWS meeting, unless they have been substantially changed.

Authors of abstracts and organizers of panels/workshops are not to be identified by name anywhere in their proposals. The panel or workshop organizer will submit a description of the panel or workshop along with the abstracts of the panelists or workshop participants. All submissions must follow these Formatting Guidelines for CAMWS Submissions. Submissions which do not follow these guidelines will be returned to the author for revision.

The maximum time for an individual paper is 15 minutes. Papers in panels with fewer than six participants may exceed this time limit, but no panel may last longer than 100 minutes. Workshops will typically last one hour. Requests for audio-visual equipment must be made at the time the abstract is submitted. CAMWS welcomes papers on material culture and reception; however, because LCD projectors are expensive to rent, please request them for textually-based papers only when necessary. Individuals must provide their own laptop computers and adapter/sound cables. CAMWS cannot provide internet access during presentations.

Please submit all proposals electronically at Individual Abstract Submission FormPanel Submission FormWorkshop Proposal Form or Round Table Discussion Proposal Form. If, for some reason, electronic submission is not possible, please contact the CAMWS office at the address below.

All presenters and organizers are required to be members of CAMWS for the 2018-2019 fiscal year (July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019) at the time the proposal is submitted. No proposal can be accepted if the author's membership is not current. 

Membership can be renewed using this on-line  membership form: Dues can be paid on-line by credit card via PayPal ($3.00 processing fee) or by mailing a check along with a copy of the membership form to CAMWS, Department of Classics, Monmouth College, 700 E. Broadway, Monmouth, IL 61462 (office 309-457-2284; fax 815-346-2565;

The Program Committee will reach its decision about proposed panels and workshops by September 14, 2018 and individual abstracts by November 14, 2018.

Individuals whose papers have been accepted are expected to register for the CAMWS meeting by December 31, 2018. The cost of registration increases significantly after that date.

Please be aware that submission of an abstract implies a commitment to present the paper in person in Lincoln. In the rare instance that a paper must be read in absentia due to extenuating circumstances, the author is expected to arrange for a reader at the appropriate session and also to register for at least one day of the meeting.

Monday, August 20, 2018 for Panels / Workshops CLOSED

Monday, September 24, 2018 for Individual Abstracts CLOSED
Monday, November 5, 2018 for Round Table Discussions

Here is a draft of the minutes of the 2018 Business Meeting in Albuquerque. These minutes need to be approved by the membership at the 2019 meeting in Lincoln but are open for revision and correction until then.