Excavation and Field School Awards Subcommittee Chair



The Chair of the Subcommittee on the Excavation and Field School Awards (Charter: https://camws.org/field-com-charter) coordinates, with the aid of all committee members, the advertisement, deliberation, and report of the Excavation and Field School Awards. The eligibility requirements, deadlines and criteria are found the Excavation and Field School Awards page. The Chair is appointed by the President, typically for a three year term which can be renewed once.


The chair is also an ex-officio member of the CAMWS Steering Committee on Awards and Scholarship (Charter: https://camws.org/steer-com-charter).


Schedule of Duties for the Excavation and Field School Awards Subcommittee Chair



The Chair coordinates with committee members the advertisement of the awards through outreach to institutions with web pages and newsletters most likely to reach our target audience of students and faculty for applications. These organizations have to date included the list serves of CAMWS, AIA (organization wide as well as individual chapters), ASCSA, ACL, the Colorado Classics Association, the Alabama Classical Association, and the AIA Student Affairs Group; Facebook pages for CU Boulder, Eta Sigma Phi, the American Classical League, the Latin Teacher Exchange, Teaching Latin for Acquisition, and TLA Cambridge Latin. 



The Chair

  1. Contacts the recipients of the year’s award, and secures reports from their field experience
  2. Shares these reports in full with the committee and Secretary-Treasurer
  3. Sends a condensed version of these reports to the Newsletter Editor for publication. These reports are posted here on  the Awards page: https://camws.org/awards/excav_prev.php

January 30

Closing date for online submission of applications

The Chair

  1. Prepares the application files for review in consultation with the CAMWS office
  2. Shares the files and guidelines for scoring  with all committee members, who get to work reviewing
  3. Coordinates time for an electronic committee meeting for shared deliberation, if necessary

February 1-14

Committee shares scores via email

Committee meets electronically to determine the year’s winners and alternates


  1. Informs the Secretary-Treasurer of the decision
  2. Contacts the winners, alternates and all other applicants to inform them of the year’s outcome.

February 28

By this date, the Chair has received confirmation from all recipients of their acceptance of award

Chair composes letter summarizing the year’s outcomes, submits to all committee members for review



March 15:

The Chair submits the final committee report to the Secretary-Treasurer and to the Chair of the Steering Committee


Annual CAMWS Meeting


  1. Attends lunch (typically midday Thursday) with members of the Subcommittee to review the year's work and make recommendatiions for the future
  2. Attends a meeting of the Steering Committee
  3. Attends the Business Meeting on Saturday morning and announces the winner(s) or delegates another member of the Sub-Committe to do so