Committee for the Promotion of Latin (CPL) Chair


The Chair of Committee for the Promotion of Latin (Charter: is charged overseeing the activities of the committee which include: (1) encouraging and supporting all activities that promote the study of Classics, and of Latin in particular, in- and outside of the schools and (2) increasing awareness, at each educational level, of the Classics community by offering funding opportunities for promotional activities in the schools, help for Latin / Classics programs in crisis, and  an ongoing conversation (e.g., via CPL panels and workshops at the annual meeting) about how the study of Latin can be promoted best in the field of education. The Chair is appointed by the President and serves a three-year term. A successive term is possible. It is advisable that the Chair serve no more than two consecutive terms to enable other individuals with new approaches and new ideas to chair the committee.

The CPL Chair is an ex-officio voting member of the CAMWS Executive Committee (Charter:  Most of the business of the Executive Committee is conducted on line and all members are expected to participate fully in electronic conversations about issues and to cast votes promptly. The Executive Committee also traditionally meets on the Wednesday preceding the annual meeting.

The Chair works closely with the President, the Secretary-Treasurer, the Chair of the Membership Committee and the Chair of the Steering Committee on Scholarships and Awards



The primary job of the Chair is to keep the machinery of CPL moving. The Chair sees that the Regional Vice-Presidents are in regular contact with their State/Provincial Vice-Presidents. This is most easily done through e-mail, letters and telephone calls. Two letters a year are usually adequate, but more may be necessary. At least once a year the Chair should write a letter of appreciation directly to the State/Provincial Vice-Presidents. A copy of this letter goes to the Secretary-Treasurer and to the President. The Chair will also distribute data and dromotional ideas to the Regional Vice-Presidents.



The CPL Chair maintains a web site ( that contains forms for CPL grants, a spreadsheet of current CPL grants, information about upcoming CPL panels, various promotional materials, and a current list of CAMWS Vice-Presidents.



The Chair has direct responsibility for the CPL budget and all funding requests are routed through the Chair to the Secretary-Treasurer. Each funding request will require the input of the state- and regional vice president before it is approved or refused by the Chair.


The funding procedure, which is also posted on the CPL web page (, is as follows:

  • Requests for CPL funding are submitted to the CPL Chair and to the Secretary-Treasurer
  • The Chair of the CPL confirms with the CAMWS office that the grant applicant is a member of CAMWS and sends the request to the appropriate State/Provincial Vice-President.and Regional Vice-President for evaluation. If either believes that the request should be denied, justification is provided.
  • The Chair may consult with members of the CPL Committee about a particular funding request, but is generaly able tomake the final decision after consultation with the vice presidents.
  • If approved by the Chair of the CPL, the form is sent to the Secretary-Treasurer;s office, from which payment is processed. 
  • If not approved, the Chair of the CPL informs the person submitting the original request that it has not be approved. The Chair may suggest possible ways to amend the request so that its acceptance might be granted when resubmitted.
  • The Chair will consult with the CPL Committee about funding request policies and requirements. After consultation with the Secretary-Treasurer, the Committee may make recommendations in regard to changes in the CPL budget or other related matters.


Funds expended or encumbered are recorded on a spreadsheet, by the Secretary-Treasurer.


CAMWS Travel Grant for High School Groups 

Twice a year the Chair works with the CPL Committee to review applications for travel grants for high school groups.



The CPL Chair maintains  a variety of promotional materials on the CPL web site, including a Promotional Flyer about the CPLCPL NewsPrevious Recipients of CPL FundingCPL Award for Outstanding Promotional Activity in the SchoolsMaterials useful for Promoting Latin & ClassicsHelp for Programs in Crisis or Near CrisisAnnual CPL ReportsAnnual Regional Reports, a History of CPL, a history of ​CPL Outstanding Vice President Awards​Guidance for CAMWS Vice-Presidents (CAMWS handbook)​CAMWS Travel Grant for High School Groups and a List of Promotional Flyers for CAMWS VPs



In order to support high school programs and activities Committee for the Promotion of Latin (CPL) annually recognizes with a certificate one high school and one college group that develops the most outstanding and effective activity for promoting Latin in CAMWS territory during each academic year (including the preceding summer). The winners of these two awards are announced every spring at the CAMWS annual meeting.


All outreach events funded by the CPL in a given academic year are entered automatically in the competition of that year. Outreach events that were not funded by the CPL can enter the competition as long as they are sponsored by a current CAMWS member and submitted together with a letter of application to the CPL Chair ( The application letter must include the following: a 100-word summary of the project and a more detailed project description not to exceed 500 words in length. (Applications for CPL grants may also serve as applications for this award.) Applicants are encouraged to attach supporting materials such as photographs, flyers, pertinent newspaper articles, etc. Previous recipients of this award are posted here:



With the help of the Regional and State/Provincial Vice-Presidents the Chair of CPL keeps close track of the status of Latin programs in CAMWS territory. If new programs are being considered, the Chair can work with the appropriate Regional Vice-President and with the Vice- President of that state or province provide to provide invaluable advice and counsel, to make CPL promotional materials available, and even to suggest funding sources such as CPL grants. The Chair also generates letters of support for threatened programs from members of CAMWS at large.



The CPL Chair is responsible for the compilation, printing, and distribution of the annual reports submitted by the Regional Vice-Presidents. These reports, together with the Chair's report, become part of the annual CPL report. Previous regional reports are posted here:



Since the Executive Committee does its business throughout the year via email, the CPL Chair needs to be accessible for such electronic discussions throughout the year.



As a voting member or the CAMWS Executive Committee (Charter:, the CPL Chair is expected to attend the meeting of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets on Wednesday evening at the CAMWS annual meeting. Here the Chair gives a report on the committee's activities, successes, and difficulties. A copy of the written report of the Chair is submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer. All Executive Committee members receive a copy.



The CPL Chair attends the annual joint meeting of the Vice-Presidents on Thursday evening at the annual meeting. At this meeting the CPL Chair announces various CPL awards, including the 'CPL Awards for Promotional Activity in the Schools', the 'Outstanding State/Provincial Vice-President Award' and the 'Outstanding Regional Vice-President Award.' Recipients of these awards are posted here:



At the annual CAMWS business meeting the Chair gives a brief report of CPL activities, and present the 'CPL Awards for Promotional Activity in the Schools' as well as the Outstanding Regional and State/Provincial Vice-President Awards.



During summer, the Chair will begin to prepare for the CAMWS annual meeting, at which at least one session will be devoted entirely to CPL. Traditionally, this session has been a panel of pedagogical papers. It is also during this session that comments from those in the audience are solicited about what issues the committee should address in the future. CPL occasionally sponsors a workshop as well as a panel. The CPL Chair will put together these sessions prior to the abstract submission deadline.



Expenses for items such as postage related to the responsibilities of the CPL Chair can be reimbursed through the CAMWS Secretary-Treasurer.





  1. Submit a proposal for a CPL pedagogy panel and/or workshop  for the upcoming CAMWS meeting.
  2. Remind the outgoing CAMWS President to write letters to those State and Regional Vice-Presidents whose term of office has just been completed and/or who do not wish to continue their office.
  3. Remind all those to whom money has been given that CPL needs back from them reports and photographs of their activities.


  1. Contact the Secretary Treasurer to check on arrangements for the annual meeting. Begin setting aside materials for the display table at the convention.


  1. Send request to the Regional Vice-Presidents.for annual reports by February 15th in order to insure that the CPL report, made up of the Regional Reports plus the Chair's CPL Report, will be ready for distribution at the annual meeting.
  2. Remind the Regional Vice-Presidents to solicit information from the State/Provincial Vice-Presidents in their region. All states should be represented in the report.
  3. Ask vice-presidents to include activities for which CPL funding was given, membership and scholarship activities, and the general state of Classics in their locale.
  4. Ask Regional Vice-Presidents to submit to the CPL Chair nominations (if they have any) for the 'Outstanding State/Provincial Vice-President Award' when they submit their regional reports.
  5. Contact the members of the Committee for the Promotion of Latin and make sure they make  arrangements to attend the Committee luncheon on Thursday.


  1. Contact Regional Vice-Presidents about missing regional reports.
  2. Write the CPL Chair's report. Begin to organize the materials needed for the annual meeting.
  3. Contact the Secretary-Treasurer in order to confirm space in the book display room for the CPL exhibit. Be sure that tables, stands, tripods, and whatever AV equipment needed for that display and for the CPL session has been ordered.
  4. With the help of the members of CPL choose the winners of the 'CPL Award for Outstanding Promotional Activity in the Schools', the Outstanding State/Provincial and Regional Vice-President Awards.
  5. Inform the Secretary-Treasurer about the names of the recipients of the awards at least two weeks in advance of the CAMWS meeting so that certificates can be prepared and checks written.


Attend the following events at the CAMWS annual meeting:

  1. the meeting of the Executive Committee on Wednesday Evening
  2. the Committee luncheon at midday on Thursday
  3. the joint meeting of Regional and State/Provincial Vice-Presidents on Thursday evening
  4. the CAMWS Business Meeting (where the Chair gives an oral report to the membership) on Saturday morning
  5. and the CPL pedagogy session(s), usually on Saturday


  1. Prepare a list of goals and for the next year from suggestions obtained at the annual meeting.
  2. Write to all the State and Regional Vice-Presidents, thanking them for their hard work throughout the year.
  3. Forward copies of CPL materials handed out at the annual meeting to those not able to attend.


  • Send nominations for new State/Provincial Vice-Presidents, Regional Vice-Presidents, and CPL Committee members to the new CAMWS President for appointment.



Items 1-6 above should be included in the Annual CPL Report which is distributed electronically to the Secretary Treasurer, the State/Provincial and Regional Vice-Presidents. and members of the CPL Committee at least two weeks in advance of the annual meeting. The Secretary Treasurer willl include this report in the agenda for the meeting of the Executive Committee.



  1. An agenda for the CPL Committee meeting (usually at lunch on Thursday)
  2. An agenda for the State/Provincial and Regional Vice-Presidents.' meeting (usually at dinner on Thursday)
  3. A sign-in sheet for the State/Provincial and Regional Vice-Presidents' meeting
  4. Certificates and/or Checks (provided by the Secretary-Treasurer)Outstanding State/Provincial Vice-President (certificate and check)
    1. Outstanding Regional Vice-President (certificate and check)
    2.  CPLAward for the Outstanding Promotional Activity in the Schools (certificate)

N.B.: Remind the Secretary-Treasurer to bring the two checks to the annual meeting.






  1. Attend the meeting of the Executive Committee on Wednesday evening and report on CPL activities for the year.
  2. Set up the CPL display in the room designated on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.


  1. Attend the CAMWS Committee lunch at noon and meet with the members of the CPL.
  2. Attend the joint meeting of Regional and State/Provincial Vice-Presidents. The President is in charge of this meeting.
  3. Announce the winners of the Outstanding Regional and State/Provinicial Vice-President Awards at this meeting
  4. Presen the CPL report compiled from the regional reports to the group assembled.
  5. Set preliminary goals and strategies for the next year.


  1. Attend the CAMWS Business Meeting.
  2. Give a very brief report of CPL activities at this meeting.
  3. Present the Outstanding Regional and State/Provinicial Vice-President Awards (certificates and checks).
  4. Present CPL Awards for Outstanding Promotional Activity in the Schools (certificates).
  5. Announce the topic, time and location of the CPL Panel (usually Saturday morning).
  6. Attend / chair the CPL panel.
  7. Take down the CPL display.