Recipients of the CAMWS Award for Special Service



Dr. Donde Plowman (University of Nebraska Lincoln)
Dan and Tamara Sloan (Lincoln, Nebraska)
Warren and Barbara Winiarksi (The Winiarski Family Foundation CA)


Fernand LaBrunerie (University of Missouri)
Evelyn Harris (University of New Mexico)
Donna Zuckerberg (Eidolon)

Listen To The Audio From The Banquet In Albuquerque, New Mexico:

Special Service Award: Evelyn Harris (Osman Umurhan, University of New Mexico):  

Special Service Award: Fernand LaBrunerie (David Schenker, University of Missouri at Columbia):  

Special Service Award: Donna Zuckerberg (Laura McClure, University of Wisconsin-Madison):  



Nick Aroutzidis, NA Engineering Associates Inc. and University of Waterloo '89 

Brigitte Schneebeli, University of Waterloo


2016 Edward J. Cook, William and Mary '86
Anne Corcoran, Classical Preparatory School, Spring Hill, FL
Michael R. Halleran, College of William and Mary, Provost 
2015 Adam Blistein, Society for Classical Studies
Rickie Crown, Baker Demonstration School, Wilmette, Illinois
2014 Thelma Matthews, Department of Classics, Baylor University
Steven Saylor, author of the Gordianus Mystery Series
2013 Dr. Mark Freeman, Superintendent of Shaker Heights City School District in Ohio
David Perlmutter, Director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Kristin Peterson, Lindsay Welbers, and George Heshka of Sisler High School, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2012 No Recipient
2011 Frederick J. Antczak
2010 Herbert W. and Janice M. Benario
2009 No Recipient
2008 No Recipient
2007 Liz Skoryi
2006 Joseph V. Zebrak
2005 Deanna Corn and William W. (Bill) Kean
2004 John and Penelope Biggs and Steve Pilewski
2003 Marilyn Brusherd and Dr. William J. Collis
2002 Christine Ayers, Lindsay Meck, and Kathy Ellison